Displaying Collection Filters in Your Box Builder

Giftship’s Box Builder tool can display filters on a Collection Step, allowing customers to easily navigate a large collection of products.

To make the filters appear in your Box Builder, ensure the collection.giftship.liquid template is present in the theme files of your active theme. If not you may need to run the Performance Utility tool from the Giftship dashboard. For more information, please see the following guide:

Active collection filters are controlled by your Online Store and can be found in the Navigation tab.

By default, a limited number of filters (Availability, Price, etc.) are available and additional filters (color, product type, etc.) can be added by installing the Shopify Search & Discovery app and navigating to the Filters tab.

The Box Builder will automatically insert any filters configured through your Online Store above the list of products in a collection step.

Stack Theme collection filters.
Default Theme collection filters.

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