Creating a Box Builder

Box Builders are created within your Giftship dashboard.

You can create as many Box Builders as you wish. For example, pretend you sell coffee and tea and would like to offer the option of creating two separate Box Builder products: Create a Custom Coffee Gift Basket or Create a Custom Tea Gift Basket. This is possible by creating an enabling two separate Box Builders from your Giftship dashboard.

Within the Box Builder setup process, you will see that you can control which products show as available under each Box Builder, what quantity is allowed, whether you would like to add a discount if a size threshold is met, etc. Let’s get started.


To add or edit a title in your Box Builder, simply change the text found in the Title box at the top of the Box Builder page:

Builder Steps

By using the Box Builder tool on your storefront, your customer is essentially ‘creating’ a product. This is done in a step by step process, with each step representing a different option that you are presenting to them. There are many different types of steps found under 4 main step types: Products, Collection, Image Selector, Form Fields.

Choose Add a step to get started.

Choose your Step Type.

If Products, Collections, or Image Selector, follow the steps presented. If you are adding a Form Field step, you will see many options presented. Simply select the data input method that you would like to offer your customers, and proceed with the setup.

For Products, Collections, or Image Selector, you can configure Minimum and Maximum quantity selections. Let’s take a look at what setting up a Step of specific products would look like:

You can add as many steps as you like to your Box Builder process.

Box Sizes

Box Sizes allow you to control the maximum number of items you would like to allow to be in a certain box size. This is important for the purpose of pricing, as well as the ability to charge more based on box size, or add a discount based on box size.

For instance, if you are a gift basket company with 3 different sizes of baskets, only a certain number of products (or total weight) may be able to fit into each basket. In fact, the base cost of the basket may be more as they increase in size. By setting up different box sizes, you can both limit quantity per box, and also charge differently as a new box size, based on number of products added, is reached.

To set up a Box Size, select New Box Size.

Then add a name, choose whether you would like to add a cost, and choose a maximum quantity or weight. For all fields other than Box Size Name, you can choose to leave blank if you do not wish to add any limitations or additional cost.

Box Discounts

Box Discounts allow you to incentivize customers to spend more by offering discounts as they build their box. To have discounts automatically applied to the box builder, select the type of discounts you would like to apply. You can have a static discount, discounts by value, or discounts by box size. Only one discount will be applied to the box, based on the conditions of the discounts.

To add a discount, choose Select Discount Type.

Next, select your Discount Type.

Next, enter in the specific details of the discount. For instance, if setting up a discount on Box Size, choose whether you would like it to be a percent or fixed, choose the amount, and then choose which box size it applies to.

You have now configured your Box Builder.

Please see the following article if you are wondering how to replace the image associated with the Base Product of your Builder:

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