Box Builder Articles

How Box Builders Work 🎁

Giftship’s Box Builder tool gives your customers the opportunity to build their own product, out of many individual products or […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   August 3, 2021

Creating a Box Builder 🎁

Box Builders are created within your Giftship dashboard. You can create as many Box Builders as you wish. For example, […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   August 3, 2021

Adding an Image to your Box Builder Base Product 🎁

To add an image to your Box Builder base product, which will show during the checkout process, follow the below […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   August 3, 2021

Clear the Box Builder Form Once Complete 🎁

To clear the Box Builder form once complete, you must add a snippet of code to your theme.liquid file. First, […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   June 27, 2022

Add a Link to Your Box Builder in your Menu 🎁

To add a link to your Box Builder in your menu, follow the below steps. From your Shopify dashboard, go […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   August 3, 2021

Hiding Sold Out Products From Your Box Builder 🎁

By default, Giftship’s box builder features displays sold out products with a greyed out button. If you would like to […]
Zac Fair   •   March 10, 2022

Customizing Box Builder Product Display Price on Collection Pages 🎁

Please note: This is an advanced tutorial, and should be completed by a qualified web developer familiar with HTML and […]
Zac Fair   •   December 16, 2021