Troubleshooting Shipping Rates Not Loading 💡

If during the multiple shipping address process, the shipping rates do not load, please review the below situations which could potentially cause this:

Your cart contents have been changed in another tab

The most common scenario which would cause your shipping rates to not load is if your carts contents have been changed in another browser tab. When this occurs, the reference to the items in your cart is not longer accurate according to what is on the page, and will not allow shipping rates to be loaded correctly.

In order to resolve this, you can refresh the page, and wait for shipping rates to load.

Your IP Address has been blocked due to too many shipping rate requests

If you are creating large multi-address orders, and you repeatedly load the shipping rate page within Giftship, your IP address may be flagged by Shopify, and shipping rate requests will be blocked. This only occurs should the shipping rate endpoint be called hundreds of times from the same IP address in a short time span.

In order to resolve this, please wait at least 30 minutes, and come back and reload the page. Please ensure to not change your cart contents in this time, or you may lose your work of assigning addresses to the carts items.

If you are often times creating multi-address orders with hundreds of items, it is best to use our other application Wholster, which has a CSV invoice generation tool for large multi-address orders.

There is a javascript function being called which changes the contents of your cart in the background

A more uncommon scenario for your shipping rates not loading correctly is if there is another application, or theme javascript function being called when the cart contents are changed by Giftship. This can cause the contents of the cart to become corrupted, and change the mapping of the cart contents on the current page.

Resolving issues like this can be trickier, but a good place to start is to try out the application on an unmodified version of the “Debut” theme on your Shopify account. If everything works on this theme, it is likely an issue with your theme. If the problem continues on an unmodified “Debut” theme, then there could be another application running code which interferes with this process. In order to test for this, the recommended approach is to disable each application one by one, and see if the issue still occurs.

There is an issue with your shipping rates provided by a third party application

Once you have ruled out all of the above steps, it may be worth considering if the shipping rates being provided to the app are incompatible with the multiple shipping address process. This is a rare occurrence, and would only occur if the third party application is broken, or has very specific rules for shipping rates that rely on external data not provided by Giftship.

To resolve this issue, try using standard Shopify shipping rates, and see if the problem persists.

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