Troubleshooting Bundle Items Not Being Added to the Cart

Using product bundles and box builders on your store can allow for quite flexible product arrangements, however, these types of integrations are advanced, and care must be taken to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

There are a number of scenarious to consider when troubleshooting Giftship’s product bundle feature.

Check to ensure your bundle snippets are installed

Check to ensure that the bundle feature is not being bypassed somehow

The same logic outlined in our article on troubleshooting the delivery date or gift message not being added applies to product bundles.

Check to ensure the items in your bundles are published, and have inventory available for purchase

Because products in your bundles will in fact be added to the cart during checkout, it is important to ensure that they are published to your online store sales channel, and have inventory available for purchase.

While the bundle will display as a single line in your cart, at checkout, the bundles will be shown as each of their individual components.

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