General Troubleshooting

If something isn’t behaving quite as expected, this guide may be able to help solve some unexpected behaviour.

  1. Run the “Performance Utility” to re-install or update necessary code on your theme.

    When Giftship is installed, the app adds a number of snippets to your theme. In some cases this snippet may need to be updated in order to take advantage of the latest updates and features Giftship offers.

    To do this, please navigate to Shopify Admin -> Apps -> Giftship -> Performance Utility, then click the “Install Snippet” button.
  2. Ensure you have valid HTML in your theme.

    If something is behaving strangely, or inconsistently, it may be due to an issue with broken html structure within your theme. If code modifications to your theme have been made by anyone unfamiliar with html, it is strongly recommended to have a qualified website developer review your theme for errors.
  3. Ensure both the “Gs” and “GIST” javascript objects are present in your browser console.

    In order for the application and all of it’s features to run, some javascript added by the application needs to be present. To test for this, please open up your browsers developer tools, then, in the javascript console, please enter Gs, and GIST, ensuring that the printout looks as follows:

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