Troubleshooting Conditional Logic

When creating display rules to show and hide various inputs in your product option set, it can be difficult to know what values to use. In order to get some visualization of the rules you are creating, it is possible to enable console logging for the condition processor.

To enable logging of conditional logic rules, you will need to alter your theme.liquid file in your online stores code editor. Please note – this is an advanced tutorial that requires code modifications. Always make backups of your theme before making any modifications.

Navigate to your theme editor by going to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Theme -> “Your Theme Name” -> Actions -> Edit code.

Select your theme.liquid file from the layout folder. Look for the line that says {% render ‘giftship’ %}, and paste the below code directly above it. Click save.

// Enable logging in Giftship
GIST = window.GIST || {};
GIST.app_debug = true;

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