Troubleshooting Required Delivery Date, Message, or Product Options Details Not Being Added 💡

If your business requires that a delivery date, message, or other information be added for every order that comes through, but occasionally, an order makes it through without the required details, please refer to the following situations, and their resolutions.

You have a “Buy it now” button on your product pages

If your product pages contain a “Buy it now” button, and you require a delivery date to be added to every order, the button should be removed from your theme.

If Giftship’s datepicker is loaded on your cart page, the presence of a buy it now button on your product page will skip directly to checkout, bypassing the cart page entirely. Similarly, if the buy it now button prevents the regular submission of the product form, skipping the datepickers input all together if loaded on the individual product pages.

Disabling the buy it now button can normally be accomplished in your themes settings, however, some Shopify themes may have this button hard coded into the theme.

You have dynamic express checkout buttons available on your product or cart pages

Express checkout services, such as Paypal, or Apple Pay, will show up dynamically based on the device that your customer is visiting your site with. These services can be used alongside Giftship, however, they should be removed from your theme entirely, and instead, have them load only once the checkout process is reached.

Just like the buy it now button, these express checkout options bypass the submission of the product and cart forms entirely, not honouring the values input into the datepicker.

A third party app is overriding the checkout or product submit actions

A less common, but still very possible scenario, is that a third party application is overriding the submit events of your product, or cart forms, and not correctly honouring, and submitting the details added to the respective forms, including the datepicker value, and the required attribute on the form field.

If you suspect this is the case, the recommended solution is to remove the offending application, as there is no way to override the behaviour the application is adding.

You have an “Quick” add to cart button, or product popup window on your collection pages

If your theme offers the ability to add a product to the cart from a collection page, via a button, or popup window, Giftship’s features will not be loaded here. If you require these additional details to be added, it is best to remove the quick add to cart action, so that all customers navigate to the product pages where they can enter in the required fields.

A third party app, or product recommendations system is providing a quick add-to-cart action

Just like having a quick add to cart action on your collection page, third party apps might embed similar behaviour. If the fields Giftship adds are critical, please ensure to verify all areas where this could be getting bypassed by other services.

Your themes add-to-cart Javascript is too simple, or invalid

Sometimes your theme may be running an “add to cart” action via javascript, which allows the product to be added without the page submitting, and redirecting to the cart page. This type of behaviour is fully compatible with Giftship, however, depending on how the javascript that handles this is written, some modifications may need to be implemented.

The first step to troubleshooting here is to check what event listener your add to cart action is being run on. If the “click” event is being used, try changing this to the submit event. This will allow Giftship’s validation to be run fully on the click event, before submitting the form, allowing any additional action your theme runs to be triggered.

Similarly, in some scenarious, your add to cart action may not be properly submitting the form fields, and instead, only using the quantity, and variant ID inputs. To ensure full compatiblity with all of Giftship’s features, add to cart functionality can be replicated with javascript using the FormData API.

The giftship.liquid snippet is not installed

When Giftship is installed, a snippet of code is added to your theme, to allow the application to load faster, bundles to work, prevent user error and improve the user experience of the multiple shipping address process.

If the giftship.liquid snippet is not present on your theme, it is possible that the application will not load fast enough for the field to be added to your store. You can confirm this is installed on your current theme by running the “Performance Utility” in Giftship’s settings.

Some customers have Javascript disabled

Some customers may opt int to use the internet with javascript disabled. While this is very uncommon, a knowledgeable user may opt-in to do so. If they have done this, a degraded user experience will be expected.

Since Giftship’s features are loaded with javascript, a fallback solution could be hardcoded into the application, and made visible using <noscript> html tags.

An abandoned cart app is sending checkout links not containing the datepickers value

If you have some abandoned cart functionality implemented in your store, please ensure to test all scenarious, and ensure that the app is not introducing a back door to your checkout page, allowing for the bypassing of the datepicker field.

Your customer is using an unsupported browser

Giftship’s browser support is usually better than the theme that it is running on, however, in very rare situations, your customers may be making a purchase on your site on an extremely outdated browser. To ensure that a delivery date is always added in this case, an appropriate fallback should be hard-coded into your theme, and set to display only when an incompatible browser is found. This can be done using a tools such as Modernizer.

All of Giftship’s features, including the datepicker, are fully compatible with IE 10+. Most features are also compatible with IE 9.

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