Creating an Image Row Upsell

Image row upsells can be set up via the Product Options tool. Please watch this tutorial or follow the steps below.

Go to Giftship –> Product Options –> New Options Set.​

Then proceed with naming your option set so that you can quickly reference it at any point. And then click to begin adding elements.

Drag the Product Option Set element over into your Option Set.

From here, follow these steps:
#1 – Click Edit
#2 – Select the Products that you would like to appear (these have to be already set up as products in your store)
#3 – Choose how you would like these options to display.
#4 – Choose whether you would like these options to be bundled (a single product created out of the core product and the upsell) or whether you would like them to be Add Ons (two separate products being passed through to the checkout).

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