Configuring One-Click Upsells 📈

One-click Upsells are only available on the Standard and Business pricing plan levels. Click here to learn how to upgrade your Giftship plan. 

Adding an Upsell Product

The one-click upsell pulls from your current list of products. If you want to add an upsell for an item that isn’t currently a product, such as $5 for gift wrapping, or $2 to add a gift note, you will first need to create this new product. And if you only want it to display as an upsell and nowhere else, you will need to create a unique collection that is not set to display on any other part of your store.

Here are instructions on how to create a collection and upload a product.

Setting up your One-Click Upsell

Now that you have your One-Click Upsell product ready to go, we can proceed with configuring the option in Giftship.

Within Giftship, go to the One-click Upsell section

Next, click “New Upsell”, and then go through the configuration process seen here:

There are several specific configuration options:

Selecting the products that you would like to offer as One-click Upsells:

  • You have the option here of choosing more than one item.

Where the option will display:

  • You can set the One-click Upsells to display either on the Cart Page, all Product Pages, or Individual Product Pages.

Enabling or disabling your option:

  • At any time, you can enable or disable, rename or edit this option.

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