Hide Prices on Product Options Upsells 📈

If you wish to hide prices on Upsells configured through the Product Options tool, this can be configured by adding a simple script into your theme.

*This is usually done so that you can keep track of inventory reductions.

Go to Online Store –> Themes –> YOUR_THEME –> Actions -> Edit Code.

Once in your theme editor, place one of the following code and enter the following script above the closing body tag.

<!-- Script to hide Giftships Prices on Upsell feature START -->
var GsLoaded = function() {

  Gs.$('select[name="properties[_gs_bundle_ids][]"] option').each(function(){
    var optname = Gs.$(this).data('child-option-name');

    var optname = Gs.$(this).data('child-option-name');

<!-- Script to hide Giftships Prices on Dropdown Upsell feature END -->

This will remove the prices that normally display.


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