How to view orders that contain Gift Messages or Delivery Dates 🏷️

Update Nov. 2021 – Identifying orders by inclusion of delivery date or gift message is now best accomplish by using Giftship’s Auto Tagging feature. Please see here to learn more:

The recommended workflow for printing gift messages is to automate your process so that you do not have to open up individual orders to see when a gift message is included. To begin setting up your automation, please see your options in this article:

If you do however need to have an overview of orders which contain gift messages, there are a few options, the best of which will depend on how you have your gift messages configured in Giftship.

If you collect gift messages once per order, then the message details will be found in the “additional details” section of your order.

This does not flag the order in the Shopify admin. However, you can get an overview of the orders containing gift messages using the order export feature:

Alternatively, you could also use an auto-tagging application to tag orders that contain a gift message. This will allow you to filter your orders by the tag that you set up.

If you collect gift messages once per product, the message details will be stored as line item properties.

These do not flag the order in the admin, nor are they visible on the order export from Shopify. In this case, automating your process as per the aforementioned article is the recommended solution, however, an auto-tagging application, or order export application could work as well.

Lastly, the regular order note could be used to capture your gift messages, however, all orders with notes will be flagged. Since sometimes this field is used for other purposes, you may have varying results.

*** Please note: We do intend to release an auto-tagging feature in Giftship early 2021. At the time of release this article will be updated.

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