Configuring Gift Messages

Like all of Giftship’s features, Gift Messages can be customized in a number of ways to suit the needs of your store. First, find where to edit your Gift Messages by going to Apps –> Giftship –> Edit Settings and scrolling down to your Gift Messages section.

Option 1

Master Toggle

You can turn save your setting but turn your Gift Messages off any time by toggling them on/off with the ‘Enable Gift Message?’ toggle.

Choosing Where Gift Messages Display on Your Store

There are two options, and two different types of Gift Message collection that Giftship offers.

#1. Apply to Individual Items

By choosing this option, the Gift Message collection is done on a per product basis. This means that the Gift Message collection fields appear on your product pages:

When shipping to multiple addresses, Gift Messages set up this way are collected per item during the Giftship checkout process:

#2. Apply to Entire Order

By choosing this option, only one Gift Message is collected per order (or if using multiple shipping address checkout, one Gift Message per shipping address). This means that the Gift Message collection fields display on your cart page above the Checkout button:

When shipping to multiple addresses, Gift Messages set up this way are collected per shipping address, on the second page of the Giftship checkout, along with shipping rates:

Gift Checkbox

If you would like for the Gift Message input fields to only appear when a customer is making a gift purchase, you can select ‘Show message options when “Is this a gift?” is checked’. This will hide the Gift Message inputs until the customer identifies that their purchase is a gift. 

Otherwise, by selecting ‘Always display the message options’, the Gift Message input fields will always be visible to your customers.

Requiring Gift Messages

Generally, we recommend setting Gift Messages as ‘Never’ required. This allows customers to give as much or as little additional information as they need to complete their purchase.

However, you may have reasons to prevent your customers from proceeding to checkout if they have not entered Gift Message data. In this case, you may want to select ‘Only when “Is this a gift?” is checked’, which will make the input fields required if the order has been identified as a gift. This option allows customers who are not making gift purchases to proceed to checkout uninhibited, while requiring those who are to fill out the Gift Message fields.

The last option in this set is to ‘Always’ require input into the Gift Message fields, which will not allow customers to proceed to checkout without entering data. By selecting this, you may be causing confusion for your customers who are not purchasing gifts. Additionally, if you have selected the ‘Show message options when “Is this a gift?” is checked’ from the section above, the required fields will remain hidden until the checkbox is checked.

Option Settings

Setting up specific options for Gift Messages is as simple as turning them on or off. You can choose which data collection fields you would like your customer to see, between To, From, and Message sections. You can choose whether to show the labels above these sections or not, and you can choose to make Gift Messages required or not.

You can also add an Additional Input Field. For instance, if you need to collect e-mail addresses or would like to encourage your customers to enter in any other type of information, you can include this collection field inline with your Gift Message collection:C

Character Counter

Depending on your order fulfillment process, you may want to limit the amount of characters that your customers can type into the Gift Message fields. You can customize this optional setting to allow as many or as few characters as you wish: 

Content Above Inputs

You have the option to add content above the Gift Message input fields. You can use this to direct your customers’ attention to these fields. An example of this is shown below:

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