Dynamic Display Logic in Product Options

There are two types of display logic within Product Options:

  • Display Rules. Control the display properties of blocks based on the blocks in the same options set.
  • Display Settings. Control the product pages or collection pages that you Product Options set will display on.

Display Rules control the interaction of functionality blocks. For instance – if you only want to show the gift message block if an upsell is selected – this would be set up as a Display Rule.

First, select the Block within your Product Options set, and select Display Rules. Then, under Display Option, select what other Block you want to choose as the trigger, and then choose the status. For instance, if Upsell is selected:

The Display Rules option happens at a higher level, allowing you to select which product pages or which collections the Product Options set will display on.

Got to the Display Settings gear icon, and then choose which pages you would like it to display on:

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