Checkout Option Block: Upsells

The Upsell Checkout Option Block has different display and configuration options.

The upsells pull from pre-configured products in your Shopify store. So if you are looking to add an upsell of a product that doesn’t currently exist on your store, you will need to create a new product. If you do not want it to show anywhere other than the upsell, simply ensure that it is not in any relevant collections that will render it elsewhere.

For Checkout Option Upsells, there are 3 display options:

List displays upsell products as a row of selectable images:

Checkbox displays products as a list of checkboxes, with their images to the right:

Dropdown displays upsell products as a standard dropdown menu:

In terms of where on the Checkout screen you would like these to display – this can be controlled through the Display Settings section of the Builder:

An option set can display Above the Discount Form, Below the Contact Form, or Below the Delivery Address Form.

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