Styling & Visual Preferences Articles

Style Giftship Elements by Using CSS Overrides ✏️

If you require further customizations to how Giftship’s tools display on your storefront beyond what is available in the app […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 13, 2021

Using a Drawer or Popup Cart with Giftship’s Features ✏️

Please note: This is an advanced tutorial, and should be completed by a qualified web developer familiar with HTML and […]
Zac Fair   •   October 21, 2020

Change the location of Giftship’s features ✏️

If you would like to change where Giftship’s features display on the cart or product pages follow the below steps. […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Using Giftship in Multiple Languages ✏️

Giftship can be used on a single Shopify storefront in multiple languages. In order to do so, the first step […]
Zac Fair   •   October 14, 2020

Only Show ‘Ship to Multiple Address’ Toggle if More Than 1 Item in Cart ✏️

1. Open up your theme editor by going to Shopify Admin –> Online Store –> Themes –> “Your Theme” –> Edit […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Change the Location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” Checkbox ✏️

In order to change the location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” toggle switch, you can paste the following snippet […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Preventing “Hidden” Line Item Properties from Displaying on Your Store ✏️

If you navigate back to the cart page after starting the multiple address shipping process in either Giftship or Multiship, […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Hiding Upsell Products on Your Online Store ✏️

Since upsell products act as any other regular product on your store, it will be treated as such without adding […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Ensuring the Logo Link is Active and ‘Back to Cart’ Breadcrumb is Always Present During Checkout ✏️

*Update: the instructions in this article no longer work, as Shopify updated the “Additional Google Analytics Javascript” feature to no […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Change the Default Gift Box Icon ✏️

Changing the Gift Box icon that is found on the “Is this a gift?” checkbox can be done by using […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 26, 2021