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Shopify Plus: Adding Product Images Back to the Multi-Address Checkout

Important: This an advanced tutorial which applies to merchants using Shopify Plus only. Advanced knowledge of HTML, and Javacript are […]
Zac Fair   •   November 11, 2020

Style Giftship Elements by Using CSS Overrides

If you require further customizations to how Giftship’s tools display on your storefront beyond what is available in the app […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 13, 2021

Using a Drawer or Popup Cart with Giftship’s Features

If you like want to use Giftship with a drawer or modal style cart window, this can be accomplished by […]
Zac Fair   •   October 21, 2020

Change the location of Giftship’s features

If you would like to change where Giftship’s features display on the cart or product pages follow the below steps. […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Using Giftship in Multiple Languages

Giftship can be used on a single Shopify storefront in multiple languages. In order to do so, the first step […]
Zac Fair   •   October 14, 2020

Only Show ‘Ship to Multiple Address’ Toggle if More Than 1 Item in Cart

1. Open up your theme editor by going to Shopify Admin –> Online Store –> Themes –> “Your Theme” –> Edit […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Change the Location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” Checkbox

In order to change the location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” toggle switch, you can paste the following snippet […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Preventing “Hidden” Line Item Properties from Displaying on Your Store

If you navigate back to the cart page after starting the multiple address shipping process in either Giftship or Multiship, […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Hiding Upsell Products on Your Online Store

Since upsell products act as any other regular product on your store, it will be treated as such without adding […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Ensuring the Logo Link is Active and ‘Back to Cart’ Breadcrumb is Always Present During Checkout

*Update: the instructions in this article no longer work, as Shopify updated the “Additional Google Analytics Javascript” feature to no […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Change the Default Gift Box Icon

Changing the Gift Box icon that is found on the “Is this a gift?” checkbox can be done by using […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 26, 2021