Multishipping Articles

Discount Codes for Multiple Shipping Address Orders

When shipping to multiple addresses, discount codes must be taken on the cart page prior to reaching checkout. During regular […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020

Tax Calculation for Multi-Address Checkouts in the United States

Giftship’s multiple shipping address functionality allows taxes to be calculated in the same manner as a single address checkout. However, […]
Zac Fair   •   November 16, 2020

Conditionally Hide the Multiple Shipping Address Toggle Based on Your Carts Contents

In order to hide the multi-address toggle conditionally on your site based on the contents of your cart, you can […]
Zac Fair   •   November 11, 2020

Sending non-physical products to multiple recipients

Giftship offers the ability for your customers to send your digital and non-physical products to multiple recipients via email, or […]
Zac Fair   •   October 7, 2020

Using Tax Overrides for Multiple Address Checkouts

If your store requires specific tax rules for particular products that can not be calculated automatically based on the values […]
Zac Fair   •   October 9, 2020

Enable Order Notes for Shipping to Multiple Addresses

If you need to gather custom information about each order when shipping to multiple addresses, you can enable notes for […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   July 16, 2020

Making the Multiple Shipping Address Checkout Cart the Default

**Please note that this is not recommended under any circumstance** If you always want the multiple shipping address cart page […]
Gist Support   •   July 16, 2020