Product Options Overview 🎛️

Giftship’s Product Options tool allows you to configure custom data input and upsell options that will display on your Product pages. Setting up your Product Options is done with Giftship’s no-code drag-and-drop tool.

To begin with setting up your Product Options, go to Giftship –> Product Options from the home dashboard.

Choosing if you want products added through Product Options to be bundled or separate

If your Product Options setup will include the addition of another product to the ‘core’ product that your customer is viewing, then you have the option to add this extra product(s) as a bundled item or as a separate item to your cart. Here is an article that goes over these options in greater detail:

Building Your Option Set

First, add a unique title for your option set so that you can easily identify it whenever you need to. Add a title here and save:

Now you can identify this set on the main Product Options page here should you need to make any changes to it:

Next, begin to add elements from the option set. Drag the items over to the main section as seen in this video. (This video will also show a bit of the option configuration options.)

Customizing each individual option set can be done in the sidebar, where both option configuration and Display Rules can be applied. To open up the sidebar for each individual item, select the green ‘pencil’ symbol.

For more on configuring your Product Options setup, please see these two articles:

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