Using the product options feature

Giftship’s product options feature allows you to gather unlimited customization information about your products, as well as create dynamic up-sells, and product bundles without writing any code.

Configuring an option set is done using the drag and drop product options editor in Giftship’s dashboard.

Create a New Product Option

To create a new option set, navigate to Giftship Admin -> Product Options -> and click the “New option set” button.

Adding Options To Your Option Set

To add your first option, click the dotted area, or the “Open Editor” button in the top right hand corner of the page to open option sidebar. From the sidebar, click and drag your desired option into the highligted drop area.

Once the option is in the option set, hover over it to display the toolbar. Click the green “pencil” icon to open the option editor. Scroll through each of the options, ensuring to fill out every field as desired.

Continue the above steps, in order to populate your entire option set.

Choose Where to Display Your Option Set On Your Store

In order to show the options on your site, you will need to select where they display. Click the “Open Editor” button again, then in the sidebar, select “Display Options” in the top right corner.

Choose to display the option set on every product, specific products, or entire collections of products.

When complete, ensure to click the “Save” button in the top right corner of the editing window.

Add Conditional Logic

If you would like to show, or hide various options based other values set within the same option set, you can do so using the conditional logic feature. In the screenshot below, we’ve set up a delivery date picker to only display once the customer has checked a box specifying that they would like to select a future date.

Hover over option that you would like to be hidden by default, click the green pencil icon to open the editor, click click “Display Rules” in the top right hand corner to open the conditional logic view.

Click the “Add a new condition” button, select the element you would like to define a rule for, the operator/ condition that must be met, and any value, if applicable.

Product Bundles & Upsells

Giftships product options feature can also act as a bundle builder. To build a bundle product, open the editor, and drag the “Product Option Set” element into the drop area. Select the products you would like to offer as a bundle, then in the editor panel, scroll Config -> Upsell Set Type and select “bundle”.

For an example of using the upsell feature with conditional logic, read this article on how to charge for adding a gift message to your products.

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