Using Tax Overrides for Multiple Address Checkouts 📦

If your store requires specific tax rules for particular products that can not be calculated automatically based on the values set in your tax settings, or through Giftship’s TaxJar integration, you will need to configure tax overrides in order to handle these special tax rates.

***Please note – this article does not describe how to add tax override rules for single address checkouts.

Some code installation in your theme is required in order to allow for your products tags to be read by Giftship. First, navigate to your product form template in the Shopify Theme editor, by going to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> “Your Theme Name” -> Actions -> Edit Code, and find your product form template. On the “Debut” Shopify theme, this is found in the Sections -> product-template.liquid file.

Right beneath the opening product form liquid tag, paste the below code:

{% assign tagLength = product.tags | size %}
{% if product.tags and tagLength > 0 %}
<input type="hidden" name="properties[_gs_tags]" value="{{ prod

Now that you have set up your theme to add product tags in a format Giftship can read, you will need to tag the products that require an override using the following format, where {{tax_percentage}} is replaced by the tax amount.


For example, to charge a 10% tax on a product, in which tax should be charged, use the following format:


Tax will now be calculated according to this value, assuming that tax would normally be charged at a different rate.

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