Pass Delivery Date to Intuitive Shipping

If you need shipping rates to be dependent on a chosen delivery date, it is possible to configure Giftship to be compatible with Intuitive Shipping. For example, if you offer an additional fee for deliveries on weekends, you can configure Intuitive Shipping to read from Giftship’s datepicker field.

In order to set this up, you’ll need to set up a custom product option set to display your product pages.

  1. Navigate to Apps -> Giftship -> Product Options -> “New Option Set”.
  2. Open the editor, then drag and drop a “Datepicker” input in to your option set:
  1. Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the date-picker, then change the input name to exactly the word _date, ensuring to include the underscore character. Configure all other inputs as desired.
  2. Press Save.

Configure Intuitive Shipping

In order for Intuitive Shipping to read this value, you will need to set up a condition group within the app.

  1. Navigate to Apps -> Intuitive Shipping -> Shipping -> Condition Groups, then click “Add Condition Group”
  1. Click “Add another condition”, then select “Date” under the Delivery Condition section of the dropdown. Write any additional rules as desired in order to configure your shipping rates.

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