Introduction to Cart Options

Giftship’s Cart Options tool allows you to configure options sets to display on your Cart page. Display logic then allows for dynamic option sets based on your cart contents.

Cart Options allows you to build and display option sets on your cart page.

Here is a list of the option blocks that you can choose to display. Please click links to view a live example:

After building your option blocks – you can add display logic between either how these blocks react to each other, or how they react to the contents of your cart.

For instance, if you add a gift message option, but only want it to display if a Black T-Shirt product is present in the cart, this can be set up with Cart Options logic.

Or if you have a Checkbox and an Upsell set up, and only want to show the Upsell if the Checkbox is clicked, this can be set up with Cart Option logic.

Below are some tutorials on getting started with Cart Options. As ever, if you need any help getting set up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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