Integration with Wholesale & Volume Discount Applications

If you use a third party Wholesale discount application that integrates with your online store, in order to ensure that the pricing is used during Giftship’s multiple shipping address process, some customization is required.

Giftship provides support for all wholesale and volume discount applications, by reading from a special line item property with a key of _gs_wholesale_discount.

The _gs_wholesale_discount line item property must have a value equal to the discount value for a single quantity of the product you are adding to the cart. For fixed customer based pricing, integration can be handled by adding a hidden input element to your product form, with the value determined by the discount provided by your discount application.

For volume based discounts, integration is more complex, as the _gs_wholesale_discount line item property must be updated to the correct discount value via javascript every time the quantities change in your cart. You can update this value with Shopify’s Ajax API .

Example For Fixed Wholesale Discount

You have a product with a regular price of $10.00, and a wholesale price of $6.00. In order for Giftship to honour the wholesale price in the multiple address process, you will need implement the below logic to your product form liquid template.

{% comment %}Calculate the below value for wholesale_discount dynamically based on the wholesale price for the product %}

{% assign wholesale_discount = "4.00" %}

<input type="hidden" name="properties[_gs_wholesale_discount]" value="{{wholesale_discount}}"/>

If you need assistance with implementing this, please contact us for a quote.

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