Discount Codes for Multiple Shipping Address Orders

When shipping to multiple addresses, discount codes must be taken on the cart page prior to reaching checkout.

During regular single address orders, discount codes are entered in during checkout.

To enable discount codes for multiple shipping address orders, go to Giftship –> Ship to Multiple Addresses –> and scroll down to the Discount Codes section.

There you will see an option to Enable / Disable at any time.

This option must be enabled in order for discount codes to work with the multiple shipping address checkout process.

Configuring Discount Codes

Because multi-address shipments process discount codes slightly differently than the regular checkout, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Targeting collections
    If you have configured discounts codes to target specific collections, the collection must be published to the online store sales channel to work during the multi-address process.
  2. Shipment groups
    Discount codes are validated on a per-shipment basis, not on the entire cart contents. This ensures that the behaviour of discount codes remains the same as if each shipment were its own individual checkout.

Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts are applied to the cart data by Shopify, which is then read by Giftship. These discounts often apply to the full cart value, so it is important to take this in to consideration when dealing with multi-address shipments, to prevent higher than desired discounts on a per shipment basis.

Testing Discounts

Before running any marketing campaigns, or enabling discounts in general, it is important to run a test for new codes in the multi-address process to ensure that the codes behave as intended. This especially applies to automatic discounts.

Using Discount Codes

Giftship’s multi-address process relies on Shopify’s Draft Order Checkout to add multiple tax rates and shipping rates to a single order. The Draft Order Checkout does not support discount codes however, which means that discount codes must be entered on the shipping rate selection page prior to checkout.

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