How to Create a Paid Gift Message Upsell with Product Options

This tutorial outlines how to use Giftship’s product options feature with conditional logic in order to charge for collecting a gift message.

Please note that upsell features are only available on the Giftship Standard plan or higher.

  1. Navigate to Shopify admin -> Products -> Add product. Name the new product “Gift Message”, and input the price you want to charge for adding a gift message. Make sure that this product is not marked as a “physical product”, so it does not effect shipping rates. Optionally add an image to make the upsell appear nicely on your store.
  2. Navigate to Shopify Admin -> Apps -> Giftship -> Product Options, make sure “Product Options” is enabled, then click on “New Option Set”:
  1. Give your Option Set a Title, such as “Paid Gift Message” for reference (see below)
  2. Press “Open Editor” on the top right and then press the “Display Rules” tab of the editor drawer. Here you can configure whether this specific product option set is enabled, choose whether you would like it displayed for all products, on specific products or for specific collections of products.
  3. On the top right hand of the editor sidebar, press the “Elements” tab, then click and drag “Product Option Set” to the drop area below the Title input section (seen below)
  4. Press the green “pencil” icon, above the product option set you just dropped, to open the option editor. Press “Select Products”, and choose the product you just created in step 1. Then select “Field Type”: “Checkbox” and “Upsell Set Type”: “Bundle”.
  1. Press “Done” at the bottom right side of the editor sidebar, then click and drag two “Text” fields and a “Textarea” field into the option set. These will act as the “To”, “From”, and “Message” fields.
  2. For each new field you just added, select the green “Edit” box and within the “Input Options” tab of the editor drawer, enter the “Input Label” and the “Input Name”. The “Input Label” is what the user will see above the field, such as “To”. The “Input Name” is for grabbing the information from the backend (this information will be stored within the product’s within a field named in accordance with what you enter for the “Input Name”), this text will also be used as the placeholder text for “Text” fields:
  1. For each of the newly created text input fields, press the green pencil icon then select the “Display Options” tab from within the sidebar editor. Press the “When all conditions are met” radio button and then press “Add new condition”. Here, the first box should name the gift message product option checkbox element, and the second box should say “is selected”. This will ensure the element will only show when the upsell is selected:
  1. Save the product option and you are done! You can now test on your live site.

If your product upsell it is not showing up, here is a checklist of things to confirm first:

  1. The product option upsells is indeed enabled (see step 4)
  2. The product option upsell has been configured to show up on the product you tested it on (see step 4)
  3. Your “Product Options” are enabled globally. You can check from the main Giftship settings page (sometimes it may take disabling and re-enabling them from within the “Product Options” section to ensure they are indeed globally enabled)
  4. You have the Giftship Standard or Business plan. This product option upsell configuration will not show up on the Basic Plan (see your “Billing” section in the Giftship settings to see what plan you are on)
  5. If you have checked all these options and your product option upsell is still not showing up, please reach out and we will be happy to help you get this sorted!

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