How to Accurately Preview your Order Confirmation Email Template 📫

When you make edits to add Giftship’s data to your Order Confirmation email template, you will notice that Shopify’s “Preview” option does not accurately reflect these changes. To Preview your changes in a live environment, follow these steps.

First, find an order that has gift message, or delivery date data included. (***For multiple shipping address orders with follow-up notifications disabled, you must edit the ‘parent’ order, as this is where the original Order Confirmation email was sent from.)

Next, change the contact information from your customer’s email address to your own. (***Remember to save the customer’s email address so you can reenter it later).

Now scroll to the timeline and resend the email. This will go to the email address that you switched it to, and will show an accurate versions of your template with your edits.

When done previewing, change the Contact email address back to the customer’s.

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