Giftship Information & Pricing

Giftship was built to help online merchants sell more gifts and provide their customers with a better shopping experience. Rather than have several small apps, we decided to integrate several gifting features into one, including Pix’s pioneering multiple shipping address feature. As a result, Giftship has several features which can be used or not depending on the necessities of your store. The Giftship dashboard allows for extensive customization, so you can always control the look and feel of the app on your store. Giving it a try on our 7-day free trial is simple: Install, Turn On, and Grow. 

How Does Giftship Work?

Giftship installs automatically onto your Shopify store. Once your have installed it from the app store, you can begin the configuration process by going to Apps –> Giftship –> Edit Settings. You can turn on/off any of Giftship’s features in your Giftship dashboard, and perform extensive customizations to each one to fit in with the requirements of your shop. Once you configure and save you settings, your personalized version of Giftship will render on your store. 

How Much is Giftship? 

Giftship offers 3 different pricing plans, depending on the needs of your store. Learn more about how to choose your plan level by clicking here.

Do I Need to Install Liquid Code? 

Giftship installs automatically onto your Shopify store, with no manual code integration required.

Can I Try Before I Buy

Yes. We offer a 7-day free trial for the app, and you can uninstall anytime during the trial at no charge.

What if I Only Want to Use a Couple of Giftship’s Features

Each of Giftship’s features can be turned on/ off depending on whether you need them. This is controlled through your Giftship dashboard. 

Can I Customize the Look of Giftship to Fit in with the Style of My Site?

Yes. The Giftship dashboard has innumerable customization options, from colours to language. 

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