Giftship Feature Overview

Giftship is a multi-feature Shopify App which offers merchants the ability to elevate the customer experience on their stores. Each feature can be turned on/off and configured uniquely in the Giftship dashboard depending on necessity and styling. Here is a look at each feature:

Ship to Multiple Addresses

From one check-out, your customers can send items to as many addresses as would like. Quantity breaks, shipping rates, taxes… Giftship pulls through all of your existing settings to make integration seamless.

Giftship treats each shipping address as a unique order so that your current fulfillment system can remain in place. It is compatible with Ship Station, Shipping Easy, Shippo, and all 3rd party fulfillment Apps.

Gift Messages

Setting up Gift Message collection on your store can be done in multiple ways with Giftship. Messages can be taken per product or per order. The content of the Messages can be uniquely configured to just include the To/From, just include the Message, or even add in a custom field.

Delivery Date Picker

Your customers can choose unique delivery dates per shipping address or per order. Our brand new, powerful back-end delivery-date sorter allows you to keep track of the order and dates in which shipments need to be fulfilled. It also allow you to add lead times, blocs off dates, and select custom cut-off times.

One-Click Upsells

Adding on a quick upsell has never been easier. You can fully customize where this upsell renders on your store, whether in cart or on the product page.

Multi-Product Upsells

The multi-product upsell framework provides many customizable options. It can be used simply to provide a quick upsell option that has more than one product for your customer to choose from. Alternatively, it can be used to streamline what may be a multi-step process in your checkout. Currently, many stores are using the framework of this Giftship feature to get their customers to choose between unique gift card options.

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