Editing Shipstation Packing Slips

If you are using Shipstation to print your packing slips and would like Giftship’s gift message and delivery date data printed directly on them, we will need to make a simple edit to your packing slip templates. Please follow these steps:

Open Shipstation and select the Wrench icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard:

Open up the Pack Slips section:

Select ‘Copy’:

Here we will perform two edits.

First) Choose a new template name.

Second) Insert

<div>[Notes from Buyer]</div>

beneath Line 29 in your template, or wherever you would like this data to appear on your packing slips.

Then click ‘Save’.

You should now see your template saved in your Packing Slips section.

To preview how your Packing Slip will now look, go to your orders –> choose any –> Print –> Packing Slip –> Template –> Change to your new template.

Here you will see where your Giftship data populates on your packing slip.

To set this as your default Packing List template, go to Selling Channels –> Store Setup –> Edit –> Packing Slips –> choose your newly created Template as the default –> click ‘Save Changes’.

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