Change the Location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” Checkbox ✏️

In order to change the location of the “Ship to multiple addresses” toggle switch, you can paste the following snippet of code into your cart.liquid theme template wherever you would like the box to appear:

<!--The below code is used to show Giftship's multiple shipping address toggle switch in a custom location-->

<div id="gs__toggle-box">
<input type="checkbox" id="gs__toggle-shipping" value="Ship to Multiple">
<label for="gs__toggle-shipping">
Ship to Multiple Addresses

Please keep in mind that the toggle switch will only ever display in a single location, so if you are using a drawer style cart, you will need to ensure that there is a link to the multiple shipping address process on the regular cart page as well.

You can also add additional links to the multiple shipping address process anywhere you like in your theme, by adding in the following code:

<a href="/a/gs/cart/">Ship to multiple addresses</a>

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