Change the location of Giftship’s features ✏️

If you would like to change where Giftship’s features display on the cart or product pages follow the below steps.

Please note, it is strongly recommended to always work on a duplicate of your theme, so you are not making changes to your live site.

  1. Navigate to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> “Your theme” -> Actions -> Edit Code.
  2. Copy the below snippet of code to your clipboard:

    <div id="gsAppContainer" class="gs__app-container"></div>
  3. In Shopify’s code editor, navigate to your product form template, or cart form template. This is usually found under the “templates” folder, but may be located in a section or snippet as well.
  4. Paste the snippet where you would like Giftship’s features to appear. This can be located anywhere, as long as it is between the opening and closing <form> tags on the product form, or cart form.
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Preview your theme, and test to ensure that the values in Giftships fields are still being submitted properly.

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